Lake Albert Fishermen Hit-Hard by Skyrocketing Fuel Prices

A Litre of petrol at most of the landing sites is up from sh4,000 to between 5,000 and 6,000 shillings.
Fishing boats at Butiaba landing site in Buliisa district.Fishermen have been hit-hard by the escalating fuel prices.Photo by Emmanuel Okello.

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Fishermen carrying out fishing activities on the lake Albert waters in the Bunyoro sub region are crying out following the skyrocketing fuel prices which they say has greatly affected their businesses.

The most affected fishermen are from the landing sites of Wanseko, Butiaba, Bugoigo and Walukuba in Buliisa, Kijangi, Kaiso, Fofo, Rwentali and Mbegu in Hoima, Kyehoro, Bugoma, Nsunzu and Sebigoro in Kikuube, Ndaiga and Kitebere in Kagadi.

A Litre of Petrol at most of the landing sites is up from sh4,000 to between 5,000 and 6,000 shillings. The fishermen mostly use petrol and paraffin for their fishing expeditions.

According to the fishermen, they are struggling to conduct fishing activities normally given the increasing fuel prices. They added that the situation is making it hard for them to stay afloat.

Robert Mujuni, a fisherman at Kaiso landing site in Hoima says the skyrocketing fuel prices have made several fishermen unable to fuel their boats.

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Kasim Agaba, another fisherman says the government should immediately intervene and ensure that the fuel prices are regulated for a common man to be able to afford.

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Godfrey Tibenda, a fisherman at Sebigoro landing site in Kikuube says initially they would use bulbs and batteries to carry out fishing which was not expensive but the system was stopped by the Fisheries Protection unit-FPU operatives adding that the skyrocketing fuel prices have come at a time when even the catch is very low.

//cue in;”our fishermen were…'//

Cue out:…paraffin and petrol.”//

Gilbert Kirokimu, a fisherman at Ndaiga landing site in Kagadi says fishing has become extremely expensive following the rise in fuel prices adding that most of them are being pushed out of the fishing industry given the fact that most of the landing sites situated within the lake Albert shores do no have petrol stations.

He says fishermen are forced to travel up to Kikuube or Hoima city, a distance of about 100km to purchase fuel.

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Christopher Mutiti, a fisherman at Bugoigo landing site in Buliisa says the skyrocketing fuel prices have coincided with the low fish catches coupled with the low prices of fish.


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