Land Became an Issue in Bunyoro when the Bakiga Wanted Power - Commission Told

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Land became an issue in Bunyoro only in the 1990's when the Bakiga imigrants wanted power, the Assistant Commissioner of Disaster Management in the Prime Minister's office, Martin Owori has said.
Owori told the Commission of inquiry into Bunyoro land issues chaired by Ruth Mukama that the problem between the Banyoro and the Bakiga tribes is not lack of land but tribal.
Owori told the commission that the Banyoro and the Bakiga have been living together peacefully for many years sharing the same land.
He said that people were moved from Kigezi and Mbale in the early 1940s to settle in Kagadi and they have been living as good neighbours.
Owori also said that the tribal bickering between the Banyoro and Bakiga in Bunyoro sub region has forced government to halt resettling people in the region.
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Government is resettling people, especially the Bakiga on a fifteen square miles piece of land in the Kagadi resettlement scheme in Kibaale district.
He advised government not to use a political decision to solve the Bunyoro land problem.