Land Grabbers, Unfulfilled Pledges Turn Luwero Voters From Museveni -Observers

Erasto Kibirango the NUP candidate for LC 5 Chairman of Luwero district says that Luwero is known for growing pineapples and President Museveni promised to construct fruit processing plant to add value but this is yet to materialize a decade later.
File Photo; President Museveni at 39th Tarehe Sita anniversary held at Nakaseke district headquarters at Butalangu town last year

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President elect Yoweri Museveni has registered a big steady drop in popularity in Luwero district since he came to Power in 1986.

Museveni and other fighters launched guerrilla war in Luwero from 1981-1986, and benefitted from the full cooperation and support of the locals who gave their all, including losing thousands of their lives in the process. He has since been scoring high number of votes in past elections in the area.

But his popularity has been steadily declining as more people opt to vote for opposition candidates.

In 2006, Museveni scored 79.2% while his arch rival Kizza Besigye got 17.2% in Luwero.

In 2011, Museveni got 67.83% while Besigye scored 27.54%. 

In 2016, garnered 55.78% while Besigye scored 41.1 %.  

In 2021,Musaeveni has registered a record low votes.  According to Presidential results for Luwero, Museveni obtained only 41,166 votes (27.94%) while his new rival, NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu scored 103 782 votes (70.45%).  

Brenda Nabukenya the MP Elect for district Woman MP seat says that the decline to Museveni’s popularity is a message that residents lost trust in him over unfulfilled pledges and neglecting the area which ushered him into power. 

Nabukenya explains that veterans who helped Museveni to capture power are still crying foul over failure to compensate them for their contribution 

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Erasto Kibirango the NUP candidate for LC 5 Chairman of Luwero district says that Luwero is known for growing pineapples and President Museveni promised to construct fruit processing plant to add value but this is yet to fulfilled a decade later.

Kibirango added that Museveni also promised to upgrade several roads but these are still in poor shape. He listed some of the roads that include Zirobwe –Kikyusa, Luwero-Butalangu and others that connect Luwero to Kayunga. 

Kibirango adds that residents believe Museveni takes the area for granted and decided not to vote for him.

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Denes Sekabira, the newly elected Katikamu North MP says that like other parts of the country, several residents believe Museveni digressed from the issues that brought him into power and he has overstayed, failing to create any change.

Sekabira explains that Museveni mobilized residents to fight with him to restore the rule of law and democracy but the Country has now slipped into dictatorship.

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Others residents said Museveni’s message is no longer appealing to people in Luwero of which majority are youths who didn’t participate or witness the liberation war.

Lawrence Sewino a youth in Wobulenzi town said that the youths are disappointed in Museveni over unemployment and service delivery.

“Many people who have been voting Museveni are veterans but majority have died and the few who are around are also disgruntled over delayed compensation packages, so don't expect him to get more votes” Joseph Musisi a resident of Luwero town added.

Others castigated Museveni for failure to end land grabbing which has left many people including his own veterans homeless.

But Zenar Nasur the NRM Vice Chairperson of Luwero district said Museveni lost ground over poor mobilization strategy adapted by party in the campaigns.

Nasur explains that NRM party expected village chairperson to do the work for candidate Museveni but these didn’t reach voters to ask for support.

Nasur also blamed Museveni's loss on the tribal card which NUP supporters used to campaign for their candidate. She insisted that NRM has done so much for the district and residents had reasons to vote for Museveni.

Museveni is not alone; NRM flagbearers for the four parliamentary seats lost to NUP candidates. They include Bamunanika County MP John C Muyingo who lost to his former campaign manager Robert Ssekitoleko, Gaddafi Nasur was defeated by Denes Sekabira, Hassan Kirumira defeated Patricia Magara and incumbent MP Edward Ssembatya and Brenda Nabukenya who scooped the district Woman seat all belonging to NUP.

In Nakasongola,  opposition made inroads in Museveni's stronghold with Kyagulanyi getting 17,935 votes (33.4%) whereas Museveni got 34,784 votes (64.9%) lower than 84.46% which he scored he scored in 2016. 

Here the residents are bitter over the brutality by UPDF soldiers deployed by Museveni to end illegal fishing and land grabbing.

In Nakaseke, Museveni maintained support getting 19,508 votes (75.9) whereas Kyagulanyi got 6017 votes (23.4) votes.But NRM lost another MP seat in the district after NUP candidate Allan Mayanja Ssebunya made inroads in Nakaseke Central and defeated incumbent MP Syda Bbumba.  DP's Paul Luttamaguzi the Nakaseke South MP also retained his seat after defeating NRM candidate Charles Kawuma Nsereko Bassajjassubi

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