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Lango Clan Heads Clash Over Palace Construction :: Uganda Radionetwork

Lango Clan Heads Clash Over Palace Construction

Through their lawyers at Okello Oryem Company Advocates,the clan chiefs want the government to expedite the processes of building the palace.
Eng.Dr.Okune, the rival Lango cultural leader recently in Lira town during his first cabinet meeting
Two rival clan heads in the Lango cultural institution have clashed on who should spearhead construction of the palace.

In 2012, the government pledged to build the multibillion Lango Palace in Lira district. Former Northern Uganda rehabilitation Minister, Rebecca Amuge Otengo then confirmed that government had secured about shillings two billion to start the construction.

However up to date, construction is yet to begin. 

Now the clan heads under Tekwaro Lango, headed by the rival Paramount Chief, Eng. Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune want to take lead in the construction and have petitioned the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development over the project.

Through their lawyers at Okello Oryem Company Advocates, the clan chiefs want the government to honour the pledge and construct the palace.

"We understand that your Ministry is in advanced stages of funding development of Lango Cultural sites and the Palace of the Paramount Chief of Lango. The funding of such development can now be done through His Highness Eng. Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune and his Cabinet, who is and can be held accountable by the people of Lango through their clan heads (Owitong), at law," the petition reads.

The clan chiefs in their petition also warned government against dealing with the faction of clan chiefs headed by, Yosam Odur whom he referred to as former Lango Paramount chief.

"Such project cannot be done through masqueraders who do not answer to any leadership structure and cannot be held accountable, or contrary to and in contempt of Court proceedings; otherwise Government shall be dragged into the Court proceedings," They threatened.

Willy Omodo Omodo, the information minister loyal to Okune's says that government should to transact with their faction since they already appointed a fully constituted cultural government headed by Dr.Okune.

Dr.Richard Nam, the Prime Minister in Odur's faction, says that it is them who are in advance stages with government regarding the construction of the palace.

Nam says that they are Lira district local government to release the land title of the land of Lango Cultural Centre where the palace is to be constructed.

Grace Kwiyacuny, the Minister in-charge Northern Uganda rehabilitation says that the government has allocated unspecified amount of money for construction.

Janet Mukwaya, the Gender minister recently told a group of leaders from Lango heading the mediation between Odur and Okune that the government is concerned about the wrangles at Lango Cultural Institution.

The wrangles are currently being mediated by a group of Lango MPs, District LCV chairperson and religious leaders.

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