Lango Cultural leaders Negotiate with Government Over Palace Construction

In July 2015, President Yoweri Museveni halted the proposed construction to allow the Lango Cultural leaders to resolve a leadership dispute.
President Museveni recieving Lango paramount chief Yosam Odur and the head of all Lango living in Diasporas Dr.Eng.Micheal Odongo Okune at State House recently
The leadership of Lango Cultural Institution under the Paramount Chief Yosam Odur has started negotiations with government to construct its palace. 

Early this year, Rebecca Amuge Otengo, the State Minister for Northern Uganda disclosed that the government had earmarked Shillings 2.7 billion under the Peace, Recovery and Development Plan-PRDP to construct a place for the Lango Cultural leader.

However, in July 2015, President Yoweri Museveni halted the proposed construction to allow the Lango Cultural leaders to resolve a leadership dispute. This came after some clan leaders elected and enthroned Charles Olet, the head of Okii-Okwangkoltum clan as their paramount chief.

However, since then, the leadership dispute hasn\'t been resolved. Despite this, Dr. Richard Nam, the Lango Cultural Prime Minister under Odur\'s administration says they are in close negotiations with government to kick start the palace construction.

Nam says the delayed construction of the palace is affecting the operations of the paramount chief.  Dr. Engineer Michael Moses Odongo Okune, the head of all Lango Living in Diasporas (AWITIM) and main link between the Central Government and Lango Cultural Institution says they are persuading government to start the construction.

According to Odongo, President has assured them of government commitment to build the Palace and offices for the Cultural leader and clan heads. Mayanja Gonjaga, the Commissioner for PRDP in the Office of the Prime Minister says the process for procuring a contractor to undertake the works is ongoing.

He says the construction work will start immediately they identify a contractor. About two months ago, Yosam Odur, the Lango Paramount Chief reshuffled his cabinet and appointed officials from the rival administration under


They include Benny Ochan, the rival prime minister, Jurababwel Opio Okori, the head of Adok clan, Joseph Olet Magezi, the head of Arak Ocola clan and the head of Malakwanga clan George Opio Rashid. Jurababwel Opio Okori, the newly appointed gender Minister in the Lango Cultural Institution says their appointment has reduced tension.

He is optimistic that they will reconcile fully for the good of the Cultural Institution. Benny Ochan, the former Prime minister under the rival administration says they have reconciled.  


The Lango Cultural Institution leadership dispute dates back to 2012, when a group of clan leaders opposed a decision to invite President Yoweri Museveni to close the Lango Conference held at Uganda Technical College –Lira. The conference drew Langis from the diaspora and within the country to formulate the Lango agenda and what they expect from government.