Lango Paramount Chief Backs Museveni\'s Presidential Bid

The Lango Paramount Chief, Yosamu Odur says President Yoweri Museveni has stood with the region during hard times.
Yosam Odur, the Lango paramount chief presents to President Museveni a shield and a spear during his first rally in Lango
The Lango Paramount Chief, Yosam Odur has asked his subjects to rally behind President Yoweri Museveni and vote him in the forthcoming elections.

Odur was on Tuesday speaking to thousands of his subjects at a campaign rally for the National Resistance Movement presidential candidate held at Amolatar Boma ground.

He asked the people to vote wisely in the forthcoming election and avoid casting their votes to other candidates except President Museveni since he stood with people of Lango during difficult moments.

Odur, whose open support for President Museveni caused him trouble from a section of clan heads in 2011 presidential campaign, said Museveni should be rewarded for restoring peace in Lango and other regions.

He also cautioned his subjects against voting for the former Prime Minister and presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, saying he had never stood with the people of Lango.

Odur accompanied by his Prime Minister Dr. Richard Nam and a number of ministers claimed voting Mbabazi to replace President Museveni has a huge risk and direct implication on the people of Lango.

He also presented a spear and a shield to President Museveni as a sign of protection for him during all his campaign rallies.

In 2011, Odur\'s statement was viewed as a contravention to the Cultural Leaders Act, Section 13 (1) that prohibits any serving cultural leader from joining partisan politics.

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