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Lango Paramount Chief Elect Challenges Leaders on Living in Poverty :: Uganda Radionetwork

Lango Paramount Chief Elect Challenges Leaders on Living in Poverty

Dr. Okune argued that there can’t be peace if there is rampant poverty among the masses and leaders alike.
Dr. Moses Odong Okune the Won Nyaci elect of Lango

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Eng. Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune, the Lango Paramount chief elect, has challenged leaders in Northern Uganda to elevate themselves above poverty. 

Dr. Okune argued that there can’t be peace if there is rampant poverty among the masses and leaders alike.

“A poor cultural leader is a poor leader. When you’re poor, you’re even poor at your ideas. Then we can’t listen to you. Because what are you going to tell us that you couldn’t tell yourself?” Dr. Okune said.

 //Cue in: “We must teach…  

Cue out: …in your ideas.”//

Dr. Okune also encouraged leaders to embrace government programs initiated to eradicate poverty, and not preach against such programs as if they are competing with the state.

 //Cue in: “Accordingly, we should…  

Cue out: … to fight poverty.”//

Dr. Okune who was speaking on; “The role of cultural leaders in promoting peace when relating to both political and religious leaders” during the 17th Provincial Prayer Peace Week at St. Monica Girls’ Vocational School in Gulu City on Wednesday, advised leaders of all spectra to unite and to intervene to provide collective solutions when other tribes are in trouble and achieve more.

He also advised them against dwelling on past theories and amplifying negative historical and tribal factors, saying it is one way of propagating hatred, division, and violence.

//Cue in: “I heard that… 

Cue out: …important than yesterday.”//   

Dr. Okune also appealed to cultural and political leaders to respect the unavoidable diversity of political sects, religions, tribes, classes, and race, to birth and nurture peace, as seen in churches of several sects.

Dr. Okune, however, made it clear that the Lango culture does not condone same-sex relationships because diversity in gender only means man and woman without any aspect of transgender.

Dr. Okune argued that the proponents of the so-called transgender conflict and out of touch with God, which is why they are tinkering with His creation.

“Before you start introducing the third gender here, the Creator knew what He was doing. And even the Bible says He created them male and female. Somebody knows it is in the Bible,” Dr. Okune said.

Fr. Wilfred Lajul, a priest at Gulu Archdiocese asked the congregation to desist from self-pity, saying it is a common source of conflict in homes, tribes, religious sects, and social groups.

“Such people look innocent, yet very dangerous at mudslinging others, spoiling other people’s names, rumor-mongering, and creating tensions in society,” Fr. Lajul said.

Fr. Lajul appealed to the congregation to not only pray for peace but work for it as a priority.

“God expects that we truly work for peace. And working for peace means we make peace-building efforts a priority in our lives by loving our neighbors as we love ourselves,” Fr. Lajul said.

The Prayer Peace Week is an annual event of peace pilgrimage, retreat, and prayer that was initiated in 2005 by Gulu Ecclesiastical Province which comprises Gulu Archdiocese, Arua, Nebbi, and Lira Dioceses (GANAL), with a focus on bringing sustainable peace and unity among the different communities and tribes in Northern Uganda.

The 17th edition of GANAL, under the theme: “Building a synodal church on Communion, participation, and mission” started on April 22nd and will end on April 26th.  

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