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Mourners Eulogise Late Kibedi :: Uganda Radionetwork

Mourners Eulogise Late Kibedi

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Speaking at the funeral of the late Kibedi at All Saints Catheral in Nakasero this morning, the speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga described the deceased as a great Ugandan and Musoga, saying he took a lot of courage when serving as a young minister to denounce Amin publicly.
Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga with Second Deputy Premier Kirunda Kivejinja at the Late Wanume Kibedi funeral service at All Saints Cathedral.

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Ambassador Wanume Kibedi has been eulogised for the sacrifices he made for the good of Uganda during his tenure as foreign affairs.

Kibedi, who served as foreign affairs minister in the Idi Amin government, succumbed to rheumatoid arthritis and lung fibrosis on June 13th 2016 at St. Thomas hospital in London.

Speaking at the funeral service at All Saints Cathedral in Nakasero this morning, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga described the deceased as a great Ugandan and Musoga, saying he took a lot of courage when serving as a young minister to denounce Amin publicly.

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In January 1973 Wanume resigned from cabinet while in Accra, Ghana attending an Organisation of Africa Unity (OAU) conference meeting of Foreign Affairs ministers. This was shortly after confirming the abduction and subsequent murder of his uncle and former Works Minister, Shaban Kirunda Nkutu. 

He denounced Amin, who had married his sister, Maryamu Kibedi Amin. Kibedi described Amin as a murderer in the international media and spent decades in exile. Kadaga said that it was unfortunate that the turbulence in the country made it difficult for several Ugandans to work with the late Kibedi. 

Kadaga also hailed the late Kibedi for his work as Uganda's Ambassador and permanent representative at the United Nations between 1986 and 1988.

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The Second deputy premier, Ali Kirunda Kivejinja who represented government asked Ugandans to learn from the life of the late Kibedi whom he described as incorruptible.

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The late Kibedi was also remembered as a person who helped many Ugandans abroad through his law firm Kibedi and Co. Solicitors, at Lewisham High Street in London.  Henry Kyemba, an old friend to the late Kibedi, read part of Kibedi's letter to President Idi Amin a year after he fled into exile.

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The children of the late Kibedi, Lydia Kibedi, Mutesi Kibedi and Gaiso Kibedi described their father as a people's person and simple. Gaiso Kibedi spoke fondly about his father.

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Mutesi Kibedi also eulogized her father.

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Conrad Nkutu, the son to the late Shaban Nkutu appreciated the great relationship his family had with the late Kibedi. 

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A second funeral service for late Kibedi will be held at Bugembe Cathedral on Friday ahead of his burial at Nabitende village-Iganga district on Saturday. President Yoweri Museveni is expected to attend. 

The late Kibedi is survived by tow widows Betty Wanume Kibedi and Rose Byasi, six children and three grandchildren.