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Law Students Tipped About Ethics, Values And Morals :: Uganda Radionetwork

Law Students Tipped About Ethics, Values And Morals

02 Mar 2024 14:38
Lawyer Tonny Tumukunde

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A group of more experienced lawyers has asked law students at Universities to maintain ethics and uphold professionalism. They say adherence to ethical and professional conduct is key for one to succeed in legal practice.    

The call was sounded by lawyers, Tonny Tumukunde, Usaama Sebuufu, Anthony Bazira, and Dr. Joyce Nalunga on Friday under the "Talk to Tonny (TTT) Student Edition program.   

Talk to Tonny is a sort of mentoring initiative where Senior or more experienced lawyers come to guide law students about how to conduct themselves before they finally get enrolled to practice law.n      

According to Tumukunde, the initiative aims to establish a dynamic platform for meaningful engagement between aspiring law professionals and seasoned practitioners, thereby enabling the exchange of valuable insights, fostering inspiration, and nurturing professional growth.   

The talk emphasized the need for one to dress decently, read tirelessly consult about issues that one doesn't understand, and of course network.     

Talk to Tonny (TTT) Student Edition program comes amidst concerns about the ethical conduct of recently graduated lawyers. Some have been accused of engaging in practices contrary to the professional code of conduct.  

Tumukunde said that the biggest challenge today in the legal profession is that most of the senior lawyers are not willing to employ freshly graduated lawyers.

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Anthony Bazira a Partner with Byenkya, Kihika, and Company Advocates challenged the aspiring lawyers to cultivate a reading culture.

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Anthony Bazira has lectured at Uganda Christian University and Kampala International University law schools. He explained that is important for law students to read widely to build a broad understanding of the law.    

He narrated that when he joined the said Law firm he thought he was not going to get an opportunity to shine because there were seniors in the firm.

Bazira noted that opportunity emerged when some of their Partners like Ebert Byenkya was appointed to the Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters and then Oscar Kihika was appointed as a Judge of the Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court.  

He said that whenever they would ask who was interested in taking on litigation of the files Senior Counsel Kihika and Byenkya had left behind, he would quickly show up even if the matter was in the Supreme Court. 

Bazira testified that only one out of the 40 cases he has handled collapsed. He attributed success to his commitment to read tirelessly and dedication to work.

Sebuufu Usaama a partner at K and K Advocates also shared his experience with the students on how he has succeeded in dispute resolution, particularly on commercial and property litigation.

Dr. Joyce Nalunga, an Advocate and member of the Leadership Code Tribunal asked the students to understand their weaknesses and stop being jealous of their successful colleagues.

Dr. Nalunga cautioned aspiring lawyers to be cautious and avoid being tempted by the lust to make quick money.  Adding that money attracts those with value.  

She urged the students to set boundaries and to know their worth saying nobody should trade their bodies in exchange for favors at workplaces or even at the University where they are.    

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