LC Nominations Attract High Numbers in Mbale

A total of 147 local council one chairperson candidates turned up for nomination exercise at the two divisions of Northern and Industrial division on day one.
On a pick long sleeved shirt , Musa Wakholi LC1 candidate for Republic Cell

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Nominations for local council posts have attracted a high number of aspirants in Mbale Municipality.

On the first day of nominations on Wednesday, 147 aspirants turned up for nomination exercise at Northern and Industrial divisions.

Francis Brons Eruba, Supervisor Electoral Commission in- charge Industrial division, says that they are expecting more candidates to turn up for nominations on Thursday.

Eruba also noted that eight aspirants were turned away because they lacked proposers and seconders while others had filled in wrong National Identity card numbers. 

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Musa Wakholi, who is contesting for the local council one chairperson Republic Street, says he has served for over 20 years and still has the interest in offering services to the community.

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Yacobu Makawa, the supervisor in -charge Northern Division said that 81 local council aspirants had turned up for the nomination exercise.

Some of the aspirants turned up accompanied by their supporters in vehicles, motorcycles and others on foot.

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