Leaders in Kikuube District Want Flood Victims Resettled in Game Reserve

Kabwoya Kaiso-Tonya Community wild life conservation area is situated in Kabwoya and Buseruka sub counties in Hoima and Kikuube districts.
Houses submerged by Floods at Wangjok landing site in Kikuube district.Photo by Emmanuel Okello.

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Leaders in Kikuube and Hoima districts are demanding the government to allocate part of Kabwoya Kaiso-Tonya Community Wildlife conservation area to resettle thousands of flood victims.

Kabwoya Kaiso-Tonya Community wildlife conservation area is situated in Kabwoya and Buseruka sub-counties in Hoima and Kikuube districts.

Over 20,000 people have been displaced by floods in the two districts of Hoima and Kikuube since March.

The most affected landing sites in Hoima are Tonya, Kijangi, Kaiso, Rwentali, Hoimo, Fofo, Mbegu, Waaki and Kiryamboga among others, while the affected areas in Kikuube include Nkondo, Sebigoro, Ususa, Senjojo, Wangjok, Busiki and Nsonga.

The flood victims have sought refuge in churches and schools while others are sleeping out in coldness under trees as the floods continue to ravage the area. Area leaders and the affected persons say the only option is to resettle them to the game reserve.

Peter Kyasimire a resident of Nkondo landing site in Kabwoya Sub County in Kikuube district says the government should consider the lives of the people and have them resettled.

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Joyce Akumu who was displaced by floods at Kaiso landing site says currently she is settling at Kaiso Primary School with her five children since she has nowhere to construct another house because her house was completely submerged by floods.

Rashid Sunday, a resident of Sebigoro landing site says he was hit hard by the floods that submerged his house and currently he has nowhere to go.

He wants the government to come to their rescue and allocate part of the Kabwoya-Kaiso-Tonya community wildlife conservation area to resettle them.

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Daniel Muhairwe, the Buhaguzi County Member of Parliament questions why the government has not come to the rescue of the victims.

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Cue out:…Haka taka kabu.”//

Bashir Hangi, the Uganda Wildlife-UWA Spokesperson says they do not have authority to degazette the game reserve and resettle the flood victims. 

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Cue out:…not our work.”//

The Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and the Kaiso-Tonya Community Wildlife Area were established following the revision of the protected area estate in Uganda in the late 1990s.

A decree of parliament in 2002 created the two protected areas from the former Kaiso Tonya Controlled Hunting area which had been gazetted in 1963.

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