Leaders Rush to Declare Wealth as IGG Deadline Nears

Leaders in the rush to declare their assets and liabilities at the IGG\'s office
Members of Parliament and civil servants are in a rush to beat today’s deadline of declaring their assets and liabilities to the Inspectorate of Government (IGG).

Top civil servants and politicians are by law required to declare their wealth every two years.

The categories of politicians and civil servants affected are right from the president down to district officials. The two year deadline for the latest declaration falls today March the 31st.

Raphael Baku, the IGG, says a newly elected office bearer declares his or her wealth within three months after being elected while the routine declaration is every two years.

Baku says by close of business today he expects wealth declaration forms from over 200,000 office bearers.

The IGG says an office bearer who misses the deadline is penalised, inlcuding confiscation of property, removal from office or an investigation.

Baku says the process aims at fighting corruption and checking leaders' sources of income.

The IGG, however, explained that a 30-day grace period shall be extended to leaders who might miss today’s deadline before action is taken against them.

Cue in:  Declarations …

Cue out:  ...action taken.” //

At the IGG’s office this morning approximately 50 people were in the queue to submit declaration forms at the three established centers to carry out the exercise.

Jovino Ayumu Akaki, the chairman of Uganda Property Holding Board, was among those in the queue. He said the exercise is good because it erases questions on one's wealth.

Akaki said the only challenge is that many take their time and only rush to decalre their wealth on the last day.

// Cue in:  We’re trying …

Cue out:  .at all.” //

Victoria Mwaka, a director in the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) says she had forgotten about the exercise only to be tipped her colleagues.

// Cue in: I had forgotten…

Cue out:  ... Hallo.” //

Mwaka is a former women Member of Parliament Luweero district.

By press time Alice Munira, the  IGG public relations officer, could not confirm whether president Yoweri Museveni, speaker of parliament Edward Ssekandi and other top politicians had submitted their wealth declaration forms.