Legal Brains Trust Wants Family of Drowned Vendor Compensated

According to 2019 report by the Director of Fire and Emergency Rescue in Uganda Police Force, AIGP Joseph Mugisa more than 190 people drowned in trenches, lakes, rivers and septic tanks across the country.
22 May 2020 16:50
Namukasa's Photo found in Alex's Saloon

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Legal Brains Trust has dragged Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA and the government to court seeking orders to compensate the family of Cissy Namukasa who drowned in a flooded open manhole.

Namukasa a resident of Kitintale was walking near the traffic lights in Nakawa during the heavy downpour of May 2nd. Her body is yet to be recovered.

In documents filed before the Civil Division of High Court in Kampala, Legal Brains Trust through its director Isaac Ssemakadde contends that Namukasa's right to life was violated as a result of KCCA and government's failure to make city drainage channels safe for pedestrians.

Ssemakadde states that government and KCCA must respect and promote rights of city dwellers by protecting them from unsafe and hazardous roads and drainage channels, sewers and related infrastructure.

He adds that KCCA and government have wrongfully commissioned roads, drainage channels, sewers and related infrastructure with inadequate human safety protections like open manholes that pose a danger to the urban dwellers and vulnerable groups like; children, persons with disabilities and those with mental problems among others.

Ssemakadde has gathered key five records of people who have lost lives as a result of open water channels in Kampala since 2011 and attached them as evidence.

He wants court order directing the government to double their efforts and expeditiously search for the body of the deceased and accord it a decent burial as well as compensating the family. 

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