Licensing Board suspends license of Kampala Coaches

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The Transport licensing Board has suspended the license of Kampala Coaches for breaching regulations.

Winston Katushabe the Secretary of Transport Licensing Board says that the license of Kampala Coaches has been suspended after they were found loading passengers in Mbale Bus Park.

Kampala Coaches is an interstate bus company plying the Kampala-Nairobi, Kampala-Juba and Kampala-Kigali routes.

The regulations bar interstate bus Companies from loading passengers outside their booking offices.

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Meanwhile the Transport licensing Board has set stringent regulations for bus companies.

Last week the transport licensing Board suspended the service of four bus companies pending inspection of their buses and drivers.

This followed road accidents in which over 30 people died and several others were injured.

Winston Katushabe says that bus drivers will be vetted by both the licensing Board and the police to check their discipline.

The drivers will be required to fill a verification form detailing their particulars which will be endorsed by the Bus Drivers Association.

This information will then be verified by the Secretary of the transport licensing Board and the Commissioner of traffic and Road Safety of the Uganda Police.

Bus drivers will also be required to fill a form showing the bus route record which will be presented at the respective police stations. Winston Katushabe says that this will help reduce on driver fatigue and road carnage.