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Lira Councilors Want Their Speaker Out

On Monday, chaos broke out during an emergency meeting chaired by the Division town clerk, Jimmy Angol to hear the censure motion against the speaker.

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Lira City West Division councilors want out their speaker, Daniel Okello for alleged misconduct, disrespect, and intimidation. The councilors have petitioned the Ministry of Local Government indicating their plans to censure Okello.

Chapter 243 of the Local Government Act provides that the speaker or deputy speaker may be removed from office by a council resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the members of the council on grounds of abuse of office, incompetence, misconduct, or misbehavior, or such physical or mental incapacity.

In their petition, the councilors accuse the speaker of misconduct, intimidating civil servants at the Division, frequent misrepresentation of the council proceedings, positions, and resolutions to the press, using the media to slander and character assassinate council members, and using violence to silence members during council meetings.   

On Monday, chaos broke out during an emergency meeting chaired by the Division town clerk, Jimmy Angol to hear the censure motion against the speaker. 

Some councilors protested the move saying its unlawful whereas others argued that the motion is backed by the law. It took the intervention of the police to calm down the situation and ensure that the meeting goes on smoothly. 

Angol explained that the meeting was not a council session but rather an opportunity to allow councilors to listen to the complaints filed against the speaker as provided for by the law.

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Samuel Akaa, the representative of Teso ‘C’ ward and Division Chief Wipe presented the petition before the council that was endorsed by 30 out of 41 member council. Michael Ogwal Achonga, the Mayor of Lira City West Division, who says he has had a bad experience with the speaker denied masterminding his censure motion.

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Okello describes the petition against him as “ illegal, and politically motivated” saying there is too much corruption at the division, a reason the councilors want him out of office.

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Okello, who believes that his fight against corruption is the source of his troubles, called on the Government to intervene in the fight against graft.

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Mariam Kulsum, one of the female councilors said that although they are opposed to they were not in favor of the motion, a bigger percentage of the councilors signed the petition leaving them with no other option.

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Lillian Odari, a resident of Junior Quarters B village in Lira City Division, says that their poor choice of leaders has led to all the fights in the Division, which is affecting development.

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