Lira Market's Day Care Center Becomes 'Christian Electrical Business'

Now the children are seen moving to the streets and in unfortunate incidences getting knocked by moving vehicles, motorcycles or even bicycles while others crawl to play at the pile of garbage which poses a great risk to their health.
Daycare center at Lira main market

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Authorities of Lira Main Market has decided to rent out the market’s daycare center to a local church that has turned it into a worship centre.

Now mothers in the market face the challenge of ensuring their children’s safety as the gazetted daycare where the babies could have been kept is now a church. The children are seen moving to the streets and in unfortunate incidences getting knocked by moving vehicles, motorcycles or even bicycles.

Lira Main Market whose construction cost about 28 billion shillings accommodates approximately 1,800 vendors, mostly mothers with children from 0 to 3 years while some.

Many children are seen crawling to play in the piles of garbage, which poses a great risk to their health.

Eunice Amule, a vegetable vendor in the market disclosed that she has resorted to tying the leg of her one and half-year-old the son who recently learned how to walk thus moving away from her and risking getting lost.

She prays that the Day Care should start doing its intended job so that they can carry out their businesses with a settled mind.

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Cue out: … gin a rac.”//

Harriet Ocen Bung, another vendor in the market says she was shocked to hear prayers coming from Day Care. Adding that she has decided to leave her hyperactive daughter at home.

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Meanwhile Eunice Olong, a A 56-year-old woman who has been vending vegetables since the 1990s, says the market authorities should find an alternative way of keeping children if the daycare is not operating.

According to her, there is unnecessary passing out of urine and faeces on vendors’ downstairs by the children whose mothers are operating upstairs.

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Meanwhile Basil Edwoko, the market chairperson blamed the mothers for the situation of the daycare.

Any mother intending to have her child taken care of in the daycare is expected to pay a fee but according to Edwoko, the mothers have refused to pay, which is why the center has been rented out.

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On the other hand, Richard Okello, the Lira City principal commercial officer says the Day center is occupied by a partner Sun Moyo- Energy Africa Empowerment Ltd, a solar energy company tasked with the responsibility of supplying power within the market.

Okello who could not state the exact amount of money the women were expected to pay to have their children taken care of explained that the solar company took over the center since it was not being utilized properly.

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He, however, explained that the Company occupying the center is headed by Christians who are currently conducting a lunchtime fellowship in the room.

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//Cue in: “Never the less…

Cue out: ...inside the hall.”//

“We have a communication gap with the vendors and the management of the vendors’ association in the market. We need to communicate with them and I’m sorry the vendors do not know that it is a project which is there but they happen to have a fellowship.”       

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