Lira Pakistan Community Decries Security Laxity

Mohamed Ateeq Nawaz, the President of Pakistani Association in Lira town says to date no suspect has been arrested by the police.He says even after facilitating police investigations, neither suspects nor stolen goods have been recovered by the police.
The Pakistani nationals during the launch of their Association in Lira town on Tuesday

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The Pakistan Community in Lira town have decried the security laxity by the police.

Under their umbrella of Pakistanis Association in Lira, the group accuses police of mismanaging and failing to investigate many cases regarding attacks and robbery of their businesses.

In the past two months, more than 11 different shops owned and operated by the Pakistani nationals have been broken into and goods worth millions of shillings stolen.

Some of the shops include, Tabinah enterprises, Mian Agro Enterprise and Mashallah Agro Limited where goods worth shillings eight million were robed.

At Farouq Agro limited located along Kitgum road, several bags of sunflower worth over 15 million shillings were stolen.

Mohamed Ateeq Nawaz, the President of Pakistanis Association in Lira town says that despite facilitating the police to investigate the robberies, no suspect has been arrested by the police and items recovered.

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However Joel Tubanone, the Lira District Police Commander denies the allegations. He says that no case has been reported to the police about mismanagement of the cases. 

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He advised the group to use formal channels of registering complaints against individual police officers who could have mismanaged their cases.

The Pakistan Association in Lira has more than 40 members operating various businesses and employing more than 200 Ugandans.

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