Arua Residents Irked by Incomplete Works on Ociba Bridge

The residents are angry that the bridge has been opened which poses a high risk to travellers
A motorcyclist crossing the incomplete Ocia bridge with a passenger.

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Residents of Dadamu and Angufea villages in Ayivu East Division Arua City are bitter over the incomplete works on Ociba Bridge.

The bridge which connects Arua City to Terego, Madi Okollo and Maracha districts broke down over two years ago.  Last year 500 Million Shillings under Uganda Road Fund was given to Arua district local government for construction of the bridge.

Works on the bridge began in May after the contract was awarded to KG Adubango Construction Company.

However, the works stalled due to the heavy rains. The residents are angry that the bridge has been opened, posing a high risk of accidents.

Patrick Adriko, the LCI Dadamu village says users of the bridge stand a high risk of falling into the river since there are no barriers on the bridge. He wants the district administration Arua City authorities to ensure the works on the bridge are fully completed.

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William Onziga Sankey the LCI Chairperson of Angufea village says that residents in the area are dissatisfied with the incomplete works.

He further expresses frustration over the manner in which the contractor abandoned the site and why Arua district authorities rushed to allow usage of the bridge.

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Cue out: “…fall in the water.// 

Boniface Alioni the Secretary works insists the works on Ociba Bridge were completed. He explains that the works were done according to the agreement and stipulated specifications. 

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// Cue out: “…has been done there.// 

According to the Memorandum of Understanding between Arua district local government and KG Adubango Construction Company, due to the interruptions caused by the heavy rains and COVID-19 pandemic, completion of the bridge was extended to this month.

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