Locals, Traditionalists Clash Over New Budhagali Oracle

Residents gather along the shores of river Nile as they wait for the manifestation of late Budhagali's successor.

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There was commotion on the shores of River Nile in Jinja this morning when residents of Budhagali village in Budondo sub county rose up against traditionalists accusing of fronting a fake sucessor to the late Budhagali Nabamba. 

Some of the resident stormed the holy alter that is commonly referred to as “Nalongo,” where they attempted to grab the new oracle but were repulsed by traditionalists using sharp knives. 

Resident reorganised to attack the altar again but police was notified to rescue the situation and allow the traditionalists to continue with their rituals amidst insults from a dissatisfied congregation.

Residents allege that the traditionalists promised them that, the new oracle would arrive floating on the river, which wasn’t the case. 

Ismeal Mufumba, a fisherman says that, they planted lights along the different points of the shores to clearly view the floating experience in vain.

He says that the oracle originated from the water hythene covered with water allover their body , which confirmed their suspicion that he wasn’t floating.

//Cue in: “omusajja…

Cue out…ezaki,”.   

Bosco Kiiza, a fisherman says that he was sailing his boat along the same route, which the much anticipated oracle was supposed to use before accessing the shores. He says that he was shocked when he heard him scream on the shores. 

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Cue out…tiniye,”.

George Baliruno, another resident says that some traditionalists are seeking spiritual fame by using the deceased’s shrine to enthrone a fake successor.

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Cue out…mizimu,”.

Robert Wante, another resident says the traditionalists told them to wait for eight days for a new oracle to float on water but they instead took 10 days. 

He adds that the traditionalists refused to employ trained security personnel to guard the new oracle and only invited police when they were experiencing resistance from dissatisfied locals. 

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Cue out…abasoga,”.

However, Nasur Ibanda, a traditionalist who unveiled the oracle to the public says that Budhagali Nabamba is a spirit that use its’ servants the it feels like, adding that there is no guarantee that his chief priest must float on water. 

He says all the necessary rituals have confirmed that the oracle has reappeared in another man. 

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Cue out…niiye,”. 

The Budondo sub county chairperson, Ayub Wabiika says that he was invited to witness as traditionalists carried out their rituals on the new oracle. 

//cue in: “it has been… 

Cue out…in at anytime,”. 

Born Donozio Namunkanga Mukembo Zirabamuzale in 1914, he earned the title of Budhagali Nabamba serving as the 39th oracle of the famous Bujjagali falls from the late 1960’s till his death.

His successor whose identities are yet to be revealed as he is still undergoing traditional rituals befitting his new title, will serve as the 40th oracle of Budhagali Nabamba, a spirit believed to be safe guarding River Nile and all its’ inhabitants.