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LRA Real-Time Tracking Technology Launched :: Uganda Radionetwork

LRA Real-Time Tracking Technology Launched

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A new technology that tracks attacks and activities of rebel Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in real-time has been launched.


Two human rights groups – Invisible Children and Resolve – announced tha launch of the LRA Crisis Tracker as a groundbreaking crisis-mapping platform that broadcasts in real time all attacks by the LRA now operating in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic and South Sudan.


The LRA Crisis Tracker makes attack information publicly available through a digital map, a breaking newsfeed, regular data-analysis reports, and a mobile application—all of which can be found at a website LRACrisisTracker.com


The information on LRA activities are sourced from a local early-warning radio network, the United Nations, local non-government organizations and first-hand research. The LRA Crisis Tracker’s response time to LRA atrocities is three hours.

According to Invisible Children’s Executive Officer Ben Keesey, the LRA Crisis Tracker is the most accurate source of public information on the LRA in existence, resulting in improved efforts to combat LRA atrocities and help communities in need.


Keesey adds that the crisis map is expected to be an enormous breakthrough in the protection of people living in one of the most remote corners in the world and who are always under constant LRA attacks.

The tool was developed in response to what is now known as the Makombo Massacre. In December of 2009, under the command of ICC-indicted war criminal Joseph Kony, the LRA killed 321 civilians in northeastern DRC.


Despite the incredible scale and brutality of the violence, the international community did not learn of the massacre until March 2010—three months later.

Michael Poffenberger, Executive Director of Resolve, said the tool is a pioneering tool for activists and policymakers as well as community-run protection organizations in Central Africa which will directly benefit from regular reports analyzing LRA movement and attack patterns.

The LRA Crisis Tracker was developed in partnership with award-winning marketing and technology agency Digitaria. The result is a tool that combines empirical data with storytelling, visually-engaging data representation and narrative-rich media.

The LRA Crisis tracker makes unique use of the cloud-computing platform Salesforce to compile reports of attacks, sent via Invisible Children’s recently installed early warning radio network in communities across the Congo.


The information are received and aggregated from a hub in northeastern DR Congo. The reports are immediately transcribed into Salesforce, where a customized content management system delivers the information to the mapping system and application.


The new, high-tech tool was announced on the eve President Obama's report to Congress on what his Administration has done on the LRA issue since releasing a comprehensive strategy last November.


According to data compiled for the tracking project, rates of LRA attacks remained steady over the last year, indicating that current regional operations against the group are not succeeding.

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