Lubaga South Polling Officials Abandon Voter Verification Systems over Network Challenges

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A number of polling stations in Rubaga South have abandoned using the Biometric Voter Verification Systems – BVVS because of network connection challenges.

The presiding officials at polling centres like Nateete Muslim High School, Ssejjombwe, Kigaga, Central Nateete, Mackay Memorial and St Lawrence University Car Park, all resorted to using registers instead of the BVVS.

Hafswa Nakigudde, the Presiding Officer at Nateete Muslim High School said that she was still waiting for the Biometric Voter Verification Systems to connect in order to start the voting exercise. By 8:00 a.m, voting had not started in the area. 

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Moreen Nakanoni, the Presiding Officer at Nateete Central polling station said she had decided to conduct the exercise using the voter register and completely abandoned the BVVS because it was going to delay the process yet she has 1,088 voters to attend to.

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Ramula Lisa Nakiyombya, the Presiding Officer at Ssenjobe zone, also said she had given up on the BVVS machine because her polling station has 1102 and waiting for the electronic system could delay her. 

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Ketty Babirye, Central D Natete also abandoned the BVVS. She said the network was off and on.

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At Kababwo zone, voters blamed the polling officials for delaying to arrive. One of the candidates, Ken Lukyamuzi, voted at 7:50 am.

At Kitebi polling officials did not have BVVS machines by 7 am. Also, the agents didn’t have ink for people who could not write to use. BVVS machines were working at Samona polling centre in Natete Central Parish. Saddam Lubowa, the presiding officer started the voting exercise at exactly 7 am.   

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