Lugazi Residents Accuse LDU Personnel of Brutality

The LDU personnel are accused of extorting money and also assaulting residents while on their way back home.
New LDU recriuts undergoing training recently.

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A section of residents in Lugazi municipality have raised concern over the brutality by the Local Defense Unit-LDU personnel during night patrols. The personnel are accused of extorting money and assaulting residents.

Ivan Zimula, one of the victims of torture currently undergoing treatment at African Centre for Treatment and Treatment of Torture Victims- ACTTV, says that he was severely beaten by LDU officers breaking his backbone.

Zimula’s brother Patrick Asiku;

//Cue in; “Muganda waffe bamuukuba…

Cue out…na bubi nnyo.”//

Pawulo Butoto, a roadside vendor in Lugazi town says they are forced to close their business early because of the actions of the LDU personnel.

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Cue out…ne bansambasamba bubi”//

Another resident Herbert Makeme says that there should be a standard procedure for operations of the LDU personnel.

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Cue out…police banonyerezeko.”//

Helen Butoto the Ssezibwa Regional Police Spokesperson says they have received complaints from residents about the actions of the LDU's.

Buikwe Resident District Commissioner-RDC Jane Francis Kagaayi says that she has instructed security agencies to investigate the allegations. 

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