Luweero Civil Servants Yet to Get April Salary

Hussein Kato the Secretary for Finance for Luweero District says that the non payment was caused by delay by Ministry of finance to release funds for salaries for the fourth quarter.
Luweero district headquarters

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Over 4,100 civil servants in Luweero district are yet to receive salary for month of April.

In the past, the district has been paying salaries before the 28th of the month as directed by Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

However, by Friday, May 10, 2019 none of civil servants in Luweero had got salary for month of April, which has demoralized the staff and likely to affect service delivery.

Among those affected are teachers, health workers, local government staff among others.

Hussein Kato the Secretary for Finance for Luweero District says that the non-payment was caused by delays by Ministry of Finance to release funds for salaries for the fourth quarter.

Kato explains that the Ministry of Finance approved cash limits for the district and funds for other activities were sent only to miss out the salaries.

He, however, notes that upon following up the matter, the Ministry has released 8.6 billion shillings to cater for salaries of the staff for months of April, May and June.

Kato says that the Human resource department and other officials are now engaged in verification of staff payrolls before payments are effected.

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Every month, government pays about 2.8 billion shillings is to civil servants in Luweero.

Godfrey Kuruhiira the Luweero District Chief Administrative Officer was out of office to comment to on the matter but a senior finance official said that although money was received, the staff will get salaries on Thursday next week due to delays to verify them and Electronic Fund Transfer payments. 

An affected health worker who preferred anonymity said the salary delays have demoralized them and led to absenteeism.

He explained that they need money to cater for their families. He added that many staff are now spending time on side jobs so as to earn income

But Jim Mugunga the Spokesperson of Ministry of Finance refuted the claims that there was delay on their part. He explains that funds meant for salaries were released and adverts published in newspapers over the matter.

Mugunga added that there could have been a problem at Luweero district headquarters which led staff to miss salary.

URN Reporter has also learnt that the district submitted an erroneous payroll where some staff from the production department were missing and later asked for supplementary budget which took time to be approved for another release.

Last year, 367 civil servants in Luweero district missed salary for month of July 2018 after the district failed to adjust to Integrated Financial Management System Tier one.

The Ministry of Local Government later deployed a technical officer at the Luweero district headquarters to help the districts staff to adjust to the system.  

According to Auditor General Report of 2018, there are 4,127 staff in Luweero.

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