Lwengo CAO, HR In Trouble Over Fraudulent Insurance Scheme

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URN has established that the workers’ salaries have been cut without their knowledge and consent since April 2021.
Lwengo district headquarters sign post
Aggrey Winston Muramira, the Lwengo Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the Senior Human Resource Manager, Florence Namaganda are in trouble for instigating a fraudulent medical insurance scheme through which, salaries of unsuspecting civil servants are secretly deducted.   

At least more than 300 civil servants, mainly primary school teachers and health workers at different levels are victims of the said scheme.  URN has established that the workers’

salaries have been cut without their knowledge and consent since April 2021.   The two officials entered an agreement with International Medical Link (IML) without the approval of the workers and their heads of department. 

As a result, the insurance company would deduct between Shillings 35,000 and above from the worker’s account monthly, without any clear explanation from the CAO and Human Resource office. The affected workers accused the duo of signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the insurance company without their involvement and consent.


Doreen Ankunda, the Lwengo District Education Officer, says that she had registered several complaints from the affected teachers. She says that the teachers want their

money refunded immediately, a task, which the two officials are struggling to fulfil.

Vincent Birimuye, the Lwengo LC 5 Vice-chairman, confirmed the anomaly, saying the affected workers have been complaining since May. He says that they have advised the

affected group to lodge a formal complaint to the office CAO and copy the LC V

chairperson for close follow-up by the district leadership.


Although Namaganda (HR) is involved in the mess, she says the CAO is responsible for every detail of what happened because he signed the MOU with Joshua Buyinza, the insurance company representative. Buyinza declined to comment

on the matter and referred us to Muramira, saying he has the detailed documentation about the said scheme. Muramira declined to comment on the matter and asked our reporter to drop it.

The affected civil servants have already hired a lawyer to handle the matter on their behalf. Allan Musaasire from Katembeko & Co. Advocates in Mbarara, says that they have been contacted by the affected civil servants, adding that they are engaging the Lwengo District leadership to intervene and rectify the irregularities before they take legal action.

He says that preliminary findings indicate that the CAO and Human Resource Manager have been getting commissions from every person whose salary was being deducted. According to Musaasire, it is an illegality and infringement on the rights of the affected workers and should stop henceforth.

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