Lyantonde Politicians Accuse Rakai District of Problems in Public Infrastructure

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The political leadership in the new Lyantonde district has blamed its parent district, Rakai, for the shoddy construction of public buildings, hospitals and roads in Lyantonde.

During a meeting in Lyantonde town, the District Chairperson Fred Nayebale, accused administrators in Rakai of approving inexperienced contractors to work on major infrastructure developments for the new district. Nayebale said the residents of Lyantonde town are suffering from the effects of constant water shortages due to burst pipes, degraded roads and crumbling hospital buildings.

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Most affected by the shoddy work are Lyantonde Hospital, Byakajura Health Center, Nabigoye public toilets and water dams in Kaliiro, Kasagama and Mpumudde.

During the meeting a committee was commissioned to closely monitor current and future infrastructure contracts to prevent the recurrence of shoddy building work.

Grace Namara, the Lyantonde Woman Member of Parliament, said that although the district authorities are ultimately responsible for the use of public funds, ordinary citizens must take more interest in public building works. She reasoned that at the end of the day, it is the ordinary citizen who is most affected by poor construction and inadequate services.

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The Rakai LC5 chairperson, Vincent Ssemakula, dismisses the accusations against his administration. He says it was the Central Government and not the Rakai district administration that was in charge of the infrastructure development programs in Lyantonde.