Lyantonde Taxi Drivers Protest Hiked Parking Fees

Taxi operators in Lyantonde are protesting a decision by the taxi park management to raise parking fees from 3,000 to 5,000 shillings.
Taxi drivers in Lyantonde town are protesting a sudden increase in parking fees by the park management.

The management of taxi parks in Lyantonde district on Monday announced a hike in loading fees for taxis from 3,000 to 5,000 shillings. Taxi Owners, Drivers and Conductors Cooperative Society Limited has the tender for management of the taxi park.

Taxi drivers have however protested the move, accusing the taxi park management of cheating them.

Over 50 taxi drivers operating in Lyantonde-Mbarara, Lyantonde-Masaka and Lyantonde-Lwengo stages parked their vehicles in the middle of the road.

This has left several passengers stranded, as the drivers vow not to transport anyone until the park managers remove the new charges.   

The chairperson of taxi drivers operating in Lyantonde, Male Kajabangu says the new amount will have them make losses.

Taxi drivers say they are charged 5,000 in Lyantonde, 3,000 in Kinoni, 2,000 in Mbirizi, 2,000 in Kyazanga and shillings 2,000 at Katovu stage in Lwengo.

Peter Muwanga, one of the drivers accused the park management of raising parking fees without consulting them.

However, Julius Njologoza, the chairperson of the management team blames the sudden rise to Town Council authorities that hiked the amount paid by the taxi park.

Previously, they paid eight million shillings, which has now been hiked to 9.2 million shillings.

Njologoza urged taxi operators to resume work as they discuss with the council.

Lyantonde Town Council Chairperson, Eria Ssewandigi says that council resolved to raise the park fees because taxi parks is one of the sources of revenue for the town council.