Lyantonde Water System Breaks Down

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For the past week residents of Lyantonde have not had piped water due to a major breakage in the system.

Abel Ssembajjwe, the Lyantonde Town Engineer, says a motor used to pump the water broke down. He says the problems is compounded by the very old and worn out water pipes.

Residents are now turning to water from boreholes, which is not enough to satisfy the needs of the 20,000 people who live and work in Lyantonde. The town has only three functional boreholes, one of which has salty water that cannot be used for cooking or drinking.

The Town Engineer says qualified pump mechanics have been contacted to repair the motor and to replace the old pipes as soon as possible.

This news has done little to assuage the anger of area residents who accuse the Town Council of lack of commitment in managing the water problem in Lyantonde. Several business operators told Uganda Radio Network that they have officially complained about the water shortages to the Town Clerk, Benon Yiga on several occasions to no avail.

Yiga says the Town Council is still calculating the extent of the problem to determine how much it will cost to rehabilitate the entire piped water system.

Lyantonde lies within the Ankole-Masaka dry corridor that has semi-arid climatic conditions. The water table in the area is generally lower than in much of Uganda.