Maid in Torture Video Pleads Guilty to Charges of Assault

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Former maid Jolly Tumuhiirwe has pleaded guilty to the charge of assault and could face up to a maximum of five years in jail for the crime. She blamed her cruel act on mistreatment by the baby's mother.
Lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi (back to camera) speaking to his client Jolly Tumuhiirwe in cour today
Former maid Jolly Tumuhiirwe has pleaded guilty to the charge of assault and could face up to a maximum of five years in jail for the crime.

This was after the Director of public Prosecution amended the charges from torture to assault and occasioning bodily harm, contrary to section 236 of the Penal Code Act.

Tumuhiirwe was appearing before the Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate Lillian Bucyana, this morning.

The case was transferred to the Buganda Road Court on Tuesday from the City Hall Court where she had pleaded guilty to the charge of torture. The DPP noted that the City Hall Court did not have the jurisdiction to hear the case.

State Prosecutor Lino Angunzo asked for the maximum sentence of five years for Tumuhiirwe. Prosecution said that Tumuhiirwe had tortured a defenceless one-and-a half-year old child she had been employed to look after.

Angunzo told court that as a result of the experience, the child was now traumatized and keeps having nightmares. She also suffered injuries to her body.

Tumuhiirwe's lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi said his client had expressed remorse for her actions.

Rwakafuuzi said that not only did Tumuhiirwe deeply regret her conduct, but she wanted an opportunity to ask for forgiveness from the child's parents Eric and Angella Kamanzi.

When given the chance to speak, the child's parents said they wanted to know why Tumuhiirwe had mistreated their child so badly yet they had employed her and paid her the agreed wage.

Kamanzi told court that the clip that went viral only displayed a very small portion of the abuse Tumuhiirwe had meted out on their child. He said the original recording runs close to 10 hours and displays more abuse Tumuhiirwe subjected their child to.

Before asking court to give her the maximum sentence available, Kamanzi sarcastically wished Tumuhiirwe a happy marriage and good luck to the man who dares marry her.

Tumuhiirwe told court that she had no intention to kill or harm the baby in her care. She said that she was angry at the mistreatment from the mother of the girl, Angela.

Tumuhiirwe said that she had been beaten several times by Angela. She narrated an incident when she forgot to clean her employer's shoes. When she tried to correct her error, Angela reportedly smacked her on the back while she was in the act of cleaning the shoes.

Tumuhiirwe will be sentence on Monday, December 15. She was further remanded to Luziira Prison.

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