Malaria Outbreak Hits Bunambutye Resettlement Camp

Allen Kablayo, the in charge Bunambutye Health Center III says despite of the increasing cases of malaria, the drugs seem not to be enough.

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There is a reported outbreak of Malaria in Bunambutye resettlement camp in Bulambuli district.  

The camp is home to families relocated by government from landslide-prone areas in Manafwa, Bududa, Sironko and Namisndwa districts.      


Information from Bunambutye health centre III shows that over 30 cases of malaria are registered each day from the resettlement camp.  

Allen Kabalayo, the Bunambutye Health Center in Charge, says they are overwhelmed by the huge number of malaria patients from the camp.     

She attributes the malaria outbreak to bushes surrounding the camp, which offer a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.   

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Gidale Muiri Mupalya, the Bulambuli District Health officer, says they only received 200 insecticides treated mosquito from the Office of the Prime Minister to distribute in the camp, which couldn’t cover all residents.

He says they have finalised plans to construct a big structure at the health centre to host OPD, a Laboratory and martinet ward to handle the huge number of patients.