Malicious Post Enrages Akena

Lira Municipality MP Jimmy Akena also UPC member confronts the party deputy spokesperson over his posts on the party website.

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Lira Municipality MP elect, Jimmy Akena also son to the late and founding member of the party, Milton Obote stormed the party headquarters early afternoon, over what he described offensive accusations posted on the party website.

In a heated argument exclusively witnessed by URN, Akena ordered the  party deputy spokesperson Moses Nuwagaba, to explain the motive behind one of the posts on the website.

A visibly distressed Akena, wondered why Nuwagaba made claims that Akena was bought and his campaigns during the just concluded Parliamentary elections were sponsored by the ruling National resistance Movement party. He said he won on merit and not because he had been favoured by the NRM. 

Akena told  URN that he was deeply offended by the hurtful and malicious posting and his response would be determined after establishing under which mandate Nuwagaba posted the accusation.

//Cue in.. Nuwagaba wrote.”

Cue out..deeply offended.”//

Akena  wondered why some new members of the party are leveling accusations against him liberally without being able to substantiate them. According to the new UPC party position list, Akena does not hold any position.

In January Akena told a mammoth crowd at Coronation Park in Lira that he could not hold a cabinet position in the party because he could not serve with his enemies. He argues that though some people hold offices at Uganda house, it does not mean they have leadership qualities and can deliver.

//Cue in..i don’t think.”

Cue out..makes a leader.”//

Nuwagaba a few minutes before the heated argument told journalists that the ruling NRM was using some of it former party members to disintegrate the party. He cites examples of the former party Vice President Badru Wegulo,

Wangor Osinde and Henry Mayega who all joined the ruling NRM late last year. �He adds that ever since Olara Otunnu took over presidency of the party, they have been strongly united which the ruling NRM considers a threat.