Mama Mary Luwum Sent Off With 30 Gun Salute

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President Yoweri Museveni in a message read by the Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda described Mama Luwum as a courageous woman whose legacy will be remembered by many.
17 Aug 2019 16:13
Mama Mary Luwum was sent off this afternoon in Mucwini Subcounty with 30 gun salute. Photo By Julius Ocungi

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Mama Mary Luwum, the widow of former Church of Uganda, Archbishop Janani Luwum has been laid to rest. 

Mama Luwum was laid to rest Saturday afternoon near the grave of her late husband, Janani Luwum at St Paul Wii Gweng Church of Uganda in Mucwini Sub-county in Kitgum District. 

She was accorded a 30 Gun salute in a national funeral service undertaken by Government. Mama Luwum passed away on August 6 aged 92 after about a year of on and off illness.    

She was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in the last week of her illness.  Hundreds of people gathered to witness her sendoff in Wii Gweng Village. 

Many leaders who spoke at the funeral described the deceased as a woman who stood on faith.

Present at the burial were the Deputy Chief Justice, Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, former UPC party President. Dr. Olara Otunnu, legislators from Acholi and the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Betty Aol Ocan among others.

President Yoweri Museveni in a message read by the Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda described Mama Luwum as a courageous woman whose legacy will be remembered by many.

The president said even at a time her family was being threatened by former president, Idi Amin, Mama Luwum supported her husband’s decision not to flee the country.

Janani Luwum was murdered by Amin’s henchmen in 1977 for his outspoken criticism of the then regime.

Museveni said Luwum’s courage made her to take good care of her family and children long after her husband’s death.

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Museveni said the late Luwum was steadfast and committed in her noble duties as a wife to the late Janani Luwum, both of whom have now left a legacy worth emulating.

He added that Luwum has also been a role model for many women in very many respects and urged those she inspired to stick to the principles of integrity she exhibited through truth in action and words.        

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Museveni said the death of Luwum has robbed the country of a mother, friend, sister, leader, counselor and a wonderful God fearing citizen.  

In his speech, Dr. Otunnu said faith was Mama Luwum’s cornerstone upon, which she was able to overcome her troubled past and made her achieve tremendous a relationship with many people.  

He said even when Mama Luwum’s husband was murdered, she stood firm to take good care of her family till she passed on. 

She was a woman of great humility, she was ever jolly, friendly and treated everyone equally irrespective of their status,” Dr. Otunnu said.

Otunnu says Mama Luwum was very instrumental in starting a process that led to unity and forgiveness among the Acholi and the Kakwa Community in Koboko District whose sons are alleged to have had a hand in the death of Archbishop Janani Luwum. 


In February this year, the kinsmen from Kakwa Community in West Nile region united with the Acholi at Wii Gweng in Mucwini Sub County during the anniversary to commemorate the death of Archbishop Luwum.

Otunnu says the move was a true testimony of forgiveness among the two communities and reconciliation for what happened in the past and urged people not to hold the Kakwa responsible for Archbishop Luwum’s death but rather Amin and his henchmen. 

The Disaster Preparedness Minister, Hillary Onek also the Lamwo legislator asked the Church of Uganda to look into the possibility of canonizing the deceased Mama Luwum.  

Reverend Bishop Alfred Olwa of Lango Diocese who was the main celebrant at the funeral service asked Christians to emulate Mama Luwum’s legacy. 

Mama Luwum is survived by seven children, sixteen grandchildren and twenty-one great grandchildren