Man Accuses LDU Personnel of Injuring His Eye

Aged 29, Kabagambe says he was clobbered by LDUs enforcing president Yoweri Museveni directives during the first Covid19 lockdown. But for the 18 months now, Kabagambe has visited almost every eye specialist in Uganda but his right eye sight has not been rectified.
Zack Kabagambe

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A man in Mukono Municipality is accusing Local Defence Unit –LDU personnel of causing injuries to his right eye.

Zack Kabagambe 29 says he was beaten by LDUs who were enforcing President Yoweri Museveni’s covid-19 directives.

Ophthalmologists at Georgina Eye Clinic, Agarwal’s Eye Clinic and Mengo hospital have now confirmed to Kabagambe that his eye will never see again.

Kabagambe says that he has spent all his savings in an attempt to regain his full sight but all in vain.

According to Kabagambe, on March 26, he picked a Boda-Boda at Kayunga taxi stage going to his home in Wanton village. However, they were surrounded by a group of LDUs holding sticks and batons. The LDUs immediately beat him until he collapsed.

He adds that he was rushed to a nearby health facility for First Aid and later referred to Mengo hospital where he was treated to minimize the pain.

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Twelve days later, Kabagambe opened a case at Mukono Police Station under reference number SD REF 47/08/04/2020 where an assault case was entered. Police recorded LDUs as the suspects. But a police officer told him that getting justice from LDUs was impossible.

“When I was informed that LDUs won’t be easy people to deal with, I approached the overall commander for greater Mukono Lt Col Kalema. He promised to handle my case but since then he does not pick my calls,” Kabagambe says.

Lt Col Kalema, the LDU Commander in charge of Greater Mukono says that he doesn’t remember Kabagambe’s case. Kalema added that his jurisdiction is too big since it includes even parts of Buikwe and Wakiso districts. He added that because his area being wide, he sometimes needs constant reminders in case someone has an issue with LDUs.

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Kabagambe says that the treatment he received at Mengo hospital did not stop the swelling and bleeding. The eye specialists informed him he had got a traumatic cataract.

“My mother decided to take me to Dr Agarwal eye clinic in Nakasero. I was informed that my lens got damaged. They told me I will never be able to see again. They advised me to accept that they replace the lens at 6 million shillings or have an artificial one at 3.5 million shillings,” Kabagambe says.

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Asked why he has not sued LDUs, Kabagambe says he knows he will not get justice.

He says that there will be no witnesses for his case since he does not remember the rider.

By end of the year 2020, Uganda Human Rights Commission had registered 308 complaints majorly emanating from brutality unleashed on civilians by security agencies enforcing Covid19 orders. The African Centre for Torture Victims –ACTV has recorded 960 cases of alleged torture and other cruel ill-treatment as a result of enforcing Covid19 directives.

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