Man Wails in Court over 18-Year Jail Sentence

A 30-year-old man wailed in court this morning, after he was found guilty of rape and handed an 18-years jail sentence.

Wasswa Badru, appeared before the High court in Mukono, for his verdict in a case in which he was accused of rape.

Court heard that on February 24th 2008, Badru raped an 80-year-old woman of Njeru town council.

Prosecution told court that on the fateful day, both Wasswa and the old woman were dirnking alcohol from the same bar. The woman left the bar and Wasswa followed her and took advantage of her drunken state to rape her.

The old woman however sounded an alarm, which attracted her son, Binifance Waleba and her neighbor Wasswa Kinalwa to the scene.

Kinalwa told court that they saw the suspect emerge from the house and disappear in the dark. The matter was however brought to the attention of the LC1 chairperson, Alozio Kabaseke, who together with the old man's son laid a trap for the suspect.

Hardly a day, the man returned to the old woman's hut and raped her but this time he didn't survive the hands of the LC 1 chairman and the old woman's son who grabbed and took him to police.

Kinalwa told court that his mother died two days after the incident.

The accused remained silent as all the evidence was produced in court, but the silence was broken when Justice Vicente Zehurikize, passed an 18-year jail sentence for the accused.

Wasswa shot up and wailed loudly pleading for mercy. He said that he was a family man and father of eight children who needed his care.

But the judge ruled that as a family man, the convict acted in an irresponsible, inhuman and malicious manner and deserved to be punished.