Mao Interrupts 'Secret' DP Meeting for 3-Minute Campaign

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The Gulu Municipality Member of Parliament, Norbert Mao, caused excitement yesterday afternoon when he interrupted a closed meeting of top members of the Democratic Party (DP).

The Mayor of Kampala, John Ssebana Kizito, organized the meeting, which was held at Christ the King Church Hall in Kampala. Party officials said only DP members of the Baganda tribe were invited to the meeting.

Both Norbert Mao and Ssebana Kizito are campaigning to be elected the President General of the DP.

Mao's interruption of the meeting surprised the DP members and caused disagreement amongst them. Some members insisted that he was an intruder who had to be dismissed from the hall immediately. Others however said that, as a prominent member of the DP, Mao should be allowed to greet them.

Mao took advantage of the goodwill of a section in the meeting to distribute campaign leaflets and address the crowd for about three minutes.

Mao asked the DP members not to elect Ssebana Kizito to the top seat in the party. He said the Kampala Mayor, who is soon turning 75 years old, would be way past the legal age limit for presidential candidates next year. Mao called on the party members to elect a youthful man such as himself, asserting that he has the ideas and stamina to capture State power for the DP.

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The DP this weekend holds its National Delegates' Conference at which top party officials will be elected.