Maracha-Terego Health in Drug Stock-out

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All government aided health centers and hospitals in Maracha-Terego district are have run out of stock of all essential drugs.

The newly created Maracha-Terego district has more than 40 health centers and two hospitals.

The stock outs follows the late supply of an assortment of the drugs by the National Medical Stores only a month to their expiry period.

Arua district drug inspector Samson Olema confirms the crisis. He says fifteen different types of the drugs supplied have expired among them, anti-biotics, cortem, TB drugs, Septrine and the Oral Rehydration Salt.

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He says in some health centers patients are being given the expired drugs, which is risky to their lives.

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Maracha-Terego district that was curved out of Arua in 2006, still recieves all its medical supplies from Arua district.

Ephasi Olema, the deputy district health officer in charge of Terego health sub district says expired drugs in his area worth 12 million shillings have already been destroyed by health inspectors from the National Drug Authority (NDA), police and Arua district health department.

He says the drugs were mainly collected from 15 health centers.

In Maracha County, the district social services chairperson Wilfred Saka that residents can only now access treatment from the Catholic founded Maracha hospital.

He however says that the hospital is now overwhelemed by patients going there for treatment.