Masafu General Hospital Struggling with Non-Functional Incubators For 11 Years

Caroline Natoch, the nurse in-charge NICU room, says that the two incubators have problems of missing parts. They don’t produce required temperature and lack insulation that helps to give oxygen from the outside nose to the premature.
Non-functional Incubators in the NICU at Masafu General Hospital (photo by Gabriel Mukisa)

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Two incubators installed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit- NICU at Masafu General Hospital in Busia district have not worked for the last 11 years. Japan international Cooperation Agency- JICA donated the two incubators to the facility in 2010 following its elevation from health center IV to a General Hospital.    

Caroline Natoch, the in-charge of the NICU room, says that the two incubators lack some vital parts and do not produce the required temperature. She also says that they lack insulation that helps to provide oxygen to the premature.

Natocho says that they handle between 16 and 27 premature births per month. He, however, says that they fail to manage the babies (premature) due to a lack of functional Incubators in the NICU room.  She says that as a result, they have registered more than five preterm deaths in the last ten months.

Natocho says that they currently refer mothers with premature children to the neighbouring Dabani hospital in Dabani sub-county, which is privately owned. Natocho has appealed to relevant authorities to intervene and at least repair the incubators.

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  Cue out:…are not working,”//

Lydia Kyakuwaire and Joyce Akuku some of the mothers with premature children said that they were forced to leave Masafu hospital due to lack of space and move to Dabani hospital. The mothers have appealed to the government to repair the incubators to enable them to play their role.  

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Sister Benah Nanyama, the assistant Busia district health officer, says that they have written to the Ministry of Health over the matter. Nanyama says that the NICU has additional three incubators that were donated by the world vision, a non-government organization, which are currently helping them to handle the premature cases but they are insufficient.  

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                   Cue out:…report to musawo”//

Busia District registered 111 premature births from January to October 2021.

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