Masaka LC V Chairman in Trouble for revealing Army Secrets

Vincent Ssempijja, Masaka LC5 chairman is in trouble for allegedly revealing classified military information.

Uganda Peoples' Defense Forces is investigating Ssempijja for making statements sensitive statements against the army.

Trouble for Ssempijja started when he lost his bid for election as the NRM flag bearer for Kalungu East seat.

Ssempijja lost to his rival Lule Mawiya, the incumbent Kalungu East Member of parliament.

He rejected the poll results and accused General Arounda Nyakairima, the chief of defense forces for ordering UPDF soldier to rig polls in favour of Mawiya.

He also allegedly claimed that government used him to recruit soldiers only to turn around and use the very soldiers to fight him.

Geoffrey Burashana, Masaka Mechanized Brigade Spokesman says since losing the polls Ssempijja has been making reckless statements which are prejudicial to the army.

He says that they are now investigating to establish whether the allegations made by Ssempijja don't compromise national security.

Burashana says that UPDF does not have any problem with Ssempijja but his continued outburst against the army recruitment policies is subject to prosecution.

Ssempijja says that he not bothered with the army investigations, saying that he only wants to expose the wrongs committed by the army to attract the attention of President Yoweri Museveni.

He claims that he has done a lot for the UPDF since 1980s.

On Wednesday, the army council met in Kampala to discuss Ssempijja's allegations but details of the meeting are still unknown.

The UPDF act bars serving military officers from engaging in active and partisan politics.