Masaka Magistrate Cleared of Nsambu Bribery Allegations

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A Masaka Grade One Magistrate accused of soliciting for a bribe from ICT State Minister, Alintuma Nsambu, has been cleared of any wrongdoing.
On Friday last week, Nsambu told a news conference in Kampala that the only reason why he was declared guilty of issuing a bounced cheque by a court in Masaka was because he refused to give the presiding magistrate a bribe. He accused Grade One Magistrate, Godfrey Kaweesa, of soliciting him for a bribe of an undisclosed amount money in return for a favorable ruling in the case.
However the Chief Registrar of Courts of Judicature, Lawrence Gidudu, told journalists this morning that an investigation by the Inspector of Courts found the magistrate innocent.
Gidudu said the committee investigating the bribery claims conducted several interviews with people who were involved in the case. None of them could corroborate Nsambu's claims.
Although the State Minister claimed to have a taped recording of Kaweesa asking for the bribe, he refused to submit it to the Inspector of Courts as evidence to prove his allegations.
Gidudu accused Nsambu of attempting to blackmail and judicial officer and asked him to appeal the Magistrate's ruling if he disagrees with it.
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Nsambu was found guilty of issuing a bounced cheque of 1.6 million shillings to the Women Enterprises Association of Rakai in 2002. He was ordered to immediately pay back double the amount of money borrowed or he would go to jail for one year.