Masaka Municipal Council Extra Ordinary Meeting Flops

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An extra ordinary meeting convened at Masaka Municipal Council on Wednesday flopped due to lack of quorum. Denis Lukanga Majwaala, Masaka Municipal Council Speaker adjourned the meeting when less than 10 out of the 20 councilors turned out for the meeting.

According to Lukanga, the extra ordinary meeting was convened to discuss among other things, the escalating taxi park wrangles and relocation of vendors from Masaka Main market. However by 3pm less than 10 councilors showed up for the meeting forcing the speaker to adjourn the meeting.

Majwaala says that as a result of lack of quorum the issues that were meant to be discussed remain unresolved.

// Cue in: "Less than the quorum....

Cue out: "...we have not been able."//

Benon Yiga, Masaka town clerk and Charles Kibabilire, the Masaka mayor arrived at the council meeting about an hour late.

But Kibabilire says they were late because he was leading a group of Masaka Municipal council technocrats who were inspecting the proposed sites for relocation of Masaka market vendors.

Madinah Matovu, the councilor representing Kimanya-Kyabakuza division who turned up for the meeting on time says some councilors did not get communication about the extra-ordinary meeting. She claims that she also got the communication from a friend.

Matovu wants the Masaka Municipal council always to put special announcements on radio in case of such extra ordinary meeting. Masaka Municipal council has not convened any council seating for the last two months.