Masaka Municipality Leaders Disagree on Eviction of Food Vendors

Bahengana is accusing the vendors of overcrowding the street walkaways, making the town filthy in the town and causing disorder.
Masaka Municipality Mayor Godfrey Kayemba in an interview with URN on the contradition to evict food vendors off the streets

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Godfrey Kayemba Afaayo, the Masaka Municipality Mayor and John Bahengana, the Town clerk have disagreed on a proposal to evict food vendors off the streets of the town.

Bahengana is accusing the vendors of overcrowding the street walkways, making the town filthy and causing disorder. 

The different streets of Masaka are known to attract several vendors dealing in both raw and cooked foodstuffs, usually targeting customers in the evening hours.

The vendors take advantage of the current lights that were installed to operate on the streets.

Bahengana says its high time vendors occupied the gazetted places in markets and buildings to establish permanent eating joints and restaurants to restore order in the municipality.

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  Cue out; …….services them.”//    


//Cue in: “Waliwo damage…..   

Cue out; ……tetujja bikkiriza.”//

But Kayemba, says that the vendors need to be guided on how to maintain order while doing their work other than being evicted.

He says that as a leader, he has to ensure that all categories of people leave in the town and fully benefit from the facilities in place to improve their livelihoods.  

   //Cue in: “these vendors ……   

Cue out: …..creating confusion.”// Luganda 

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