Masaka Residents Try to Burn Illegal Bar-Torture Chamber

The protest started on Thursday evening until today with the residents demanding police intervention to arrest the perpetrators who tortured and abducted a local.
19 Nov 2021 16:31
Plan A Pub where Kafumbe was reportedly tortured

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The police have deployed at Plan A pub in Nyendo in Masaka city to thwart attempts by irate residents to set it on fire over their abducted colleague. 

In addition to defying the presidential directive barring bars from operating and requiring curfew to be observed from 1900 hours, staff of Plan A pub continually snub the police and and only call them to chase away aggrieved Ugandans.

The pub has apparently been thriving on a myth that it is owned by a senior army officer who is feared by police, a claim that is yet to be verified. Regional police for now say they only know the manager but not the owner, but are not explaining why they have been fearing to enforce the presidential directive as far as Plan A is concerned.

The current protest against Plan A started on Thursday evening going into Friday with the residents demanding police intervention to arrest the perpetrators.


It is said that their colleague, Sam Kafumbe, 35, a resident of Kitaka zone in Nyendo -Mukungwe division, was captured by the workers at the pub last week on Friday on allegations of theft.   

They say that Kafumbe, a roasted meat vendor in Nyendo town, was taken inside the pub and tortured and he has been held in the illegal detention area ever since since drawing the concern of residents and fellow vendors.   A joint search has been on since Friday and the failure to see Kafumbe prompted a protest with the residents, friends and family members demanding for their love one.   

Led by Deo Kakooza, the residents accuse the pub employees led by one Andrew Kaweesi of capturing Kafumbe and detaining him over unclear reasons.The residents claim the pub was turned into a torture house of late with the workers picking people and battering them even over petty issues without reporting to the local authorities.

The protesters are demanding the release of their colleagues at all cost, dead or alive, and they want the police and army to intervene. 

However, the protest have been subsiding after a reassuring rumour that Kafumbe had been somehow taken to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital where doctors are fighting to save his life from torture injuries.

Residents who went to the hospital confirm that Kafumbe is still alive but in critical condition.   

//Cue in: “Bamunona misana….……..”//

 Cue out:……bebabeera bamujanjaba.”//   

They say that as the pub has been operating normally defying the presidential directive to close the bars, it is indeed absurd that they can go ahead and torture their clients.  

//Cue in: “Kuba bwobeera….……..”   

Cue out:……obuyinza babujawa.”//   

According to Muhamad Nsubuga, the Southern Regional Police spokesman,  police swang into action to quell the protestors.   He says the police has intervened to investigate the matter before it spins out of hand.

The military who stepped in to quash the protest say they did not go there because of who owns the illegal pub. The Masaka Armored Brigade Spokesman Lietenant Ninsiima Rwemijuna said they went there to beef up the police to uphold law and order. 

The managers of the Pub could not be reached for comment as their known contacts were off.   


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