Masindi LC5 Chairman Blocked from Participating in Radio Program

Radio stations in Masindi appear to be under a gag order that prevents them from hosting the district LC5 chairperson, Steven Birija.

On Wednesday evening, Bunyoro Broadcasting Services was expected to host Birija and the new Masindi Resident District Commissioner William Kabarole to discuss a polio immunization campaign that will take place in Masindi this weekend. Several district health officials were also expected to appear on the Enyatabwongo show.

The host of the talk show, known by his state name Nelson Mandela, introduced the program and played the starter show jingles. Then, he received a curious phone call.

Mandela informed his guests that he had received a phone call telling him not to host the LC5 chairperson. He did not why or from whom the order came, claiming only that the

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