Masindi Man Sent to Prison for Life

63-year old Francis Baitwabusa is to spend the rest of his life in prison for burning to death five children. Justice Owiny Dollo, found Baitwabusa guilty last evening and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Prosecution heard that on July 8, 2008, while in Masindi Municipality Baitwabusa set a blaze a house belonging to Matthias Karubanga, in which his children were sleeping. It is alleged that Bwaitabusa set Karubanga's house a blaze accusing him of loving his wife.

He was arrested shortly after the incident in which five children met their death. Karubanga pleaded not guilty to the crime and with court for lenience being of advanced age and the sole bread winner of his family.

But Prosy Kabatooro, the grand mother to the deceased asked court to hand Karubanga a severe punishing for killing her only grand children.

Delivering his ruling last evening, Justice Owiny Dollo blamed Baitwabusa for killing innocent children who didn't have a role in the love affair between Karubanga and his wife. He therefore sentenced the accused to prison for life.