Masindi Planner Denies Grabbing Pension from his Late brother

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Godfey Magezi, the Masindi district planner has appeared before the army to defend himself against accusations of stealing gratuity and pension benefits for his late brother captain Edward Mande.
Magezi reported to the UPDF spokesperson in Masindi James-Baker Tumusiime yesterday with about 20 orphans and widows left to his care by his late brothers.
Rose Nyangoma, the 18-year-old daughter of the late Edward Mande complained to the army last week that Magezi has stolen their 23 million shillings gratuity and pension benefit and was threatening to abandon them.
However, while explaining the pain he undergoing to cater for the orphans, Magezi broke down in tears, forcing the orphans, widows and other relatives to join him.
Tumusiime also joined in, repeatedly wiping his eyes. Nyangoma, who accused her uncle for stealing the pension, also started crying and for some minutes the meeting went silent.
Magezi explained how he failed to build a house as instructed by Nyangoma's late mother because the money left was not enough to look after the children, buy land and build a house. He however failed to explain how much money it was and was told to produce evidence
Explains Tumusiime:
//Cue in: iShe wrote a letter#..i
Cue out: i###of what happenedi//
Magezi produced receipts of proof that he has been pain for the orphan's education from lower primary school to university. Suddenly Nyangoma who was also present knelt down, and confessed that she was incited by a close relative to accuse his uncle.
Magezi was ordered to reappear on Thursday with evidence of the expenditure of all the money. Magezi's wife was also blamed for attempting to grab the orphan's property and warned to stop it.