Maternal Mortality Becoming a Security Threat, Says CSOs

Civil society organizations says th high mortality rate in Uganda could soon become a security threat.

Kaitiritimba Robinah, the  Executive Director Uganda National Health Consumers and users organization, says the death of mothers and children should be regarded as a very high security matter.

She says  the non provision of the basic minimum maternal health care package due to continuous under funding of the health sector is worsening the situation.

//Cue in: There is mismanagement…”

Cue out:…security matter.”//

Statistics show that 16 women die every day due to complications related to pregnancy and child birth.

Sylvia Nalubowa a mother of six died in Mityana hospital in early 2009 giving birth to twins after being neglected by health workers. Her first born aged 21-years, he has a sad tale to tell.

Geoffrey Kisiga, recalls that his mother arrived at the hospital at around 7:00Pm, but was not attended to till 3:00am when she died. With his mother gone, Kisiga was left with five siblings to look after.But with a salary of just 100,000 shillings per month, Kisiga says life is too complicated.

//Cue in: When they took…”

Cue out:…and she died.”//

Kisiga is just one of the hundreds of Ugandans caught in the web of a poor health system.

The civil society organizations have  petitioned the constitutional court demanding that court declare that it is a violation of the right to life, when death of expectant mothers result from non provision of the basic maternal health care packages in government hospitals.

Court should declare that it is a violation of the right to health when some health workers and government fail to take the required essential care during pre and post natal periods.

Civicl society organisations also want court to declare That the adequate human resource for maternal health including mid wives and doctors, frequent stock-outs of essential medicines and supplies for maternal health and lack of emergency obstetric care services at Health centres three, four and hospitals is an infringement of the right to health under Article 8A of the constitution.

They want court to declare that families of mothers who have died due to negligence and non provision of the basic maternal health care package be compensated as a redress measure for violation of their rights.

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