Mayuge Sugar Factory On Spot Over Poor Waste Disposal

52 year- old Ali Bogeres home in Buvuna village in Imanyiro sub county Mayuge district is perpetually engulfed with smoke, as inside his house reeks.
Mayuge Sugar Factory Waste Burning Affects Homesteads in Mayuge

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52-year- old Ali Bogere's home in Buvuna village in Imanyiro Sub County in Mayuge district is perpetually engulfed with smoke. Bogere's house is always filled with toxic fumes from Mayuge Sugar factory that living in it for just two minutes come make someone sick.

Bogere's family abandoned their farm house near Mayuge Sugar Factory waste dumping site in Namirembe village two years ago due to emissions from the open burning of the waste. They were the first of the seven families to abandon the area. They were the first of the seven families to abandon the area. 

Other families living in the nearby Lugolole A and B, Nakasamba, Wanzoki parishes and Bufulubi trading center continue suffer with the emission. The smoke that permeates Bogere's home sticks to all house hold possessions such as clothes, beds, books and food.  

According to Bogere, the community members cannot live in their houses during day when the winds are blowing because of the huge smoke.




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In late January, the factory held a public inquiry into emissions from open waste burning following numerous complaints from residents to local authorities. “The meeting took place at Bufulubi trading centre and was punctuated by tears and emotional outbursts from the locals,” said Samuel Tibenkana, the Buvuna local council one chairman.


Fauza Nagobi, a resident of Nakasamba village, says in addition to the smoke, lakes of stagnant industrial waste water have invaded gardens of more than 200 families. He says waste water stinks and has also dried up all the green vegetation including trees.



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After a few months of exposure, Nangobi suffered from eye-itches, headaches, and nausea. Nangobi says found it extremely difficult to do her domestic chores, which forced her to spend most of her time in bed. According to Nangobi, she only felt better when she spent some time away from her home.


Thomas Aramu, the Mayuge District Environment Officer accuses the factory of violating the laid down procedures on waste management.


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The long-term impact of the exposure to the smoke is still unknown. Dr. Stephen Senyonjo, a Public Health Consultant at Buluuba hospital, confirms that at least one third of 10 patients from the surrounding areas complain of respiratory, headache and eye complications.


Our reporter couldn't speak to the factory management as he was blocked by security at the main entrance, saying their General Manager; Sannubhai Patel was away in India.