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Mbabazi Promises To Increase Civil Servants' Salaries :: Uganda Radionetwork

Mbabazi Promises To Increase Civil Servants' Salaries

Independent Presidential candidate, Amama Mbabazi says civil servants are poorly paid and are not motivated enough to offer services better.
John Patrick Amama Mbabazi

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Presidential candidate, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has promised to prioritize the increment of government workers' salaries once elected president.


Addressing a rally at Iganga Freedom Square in Iganga on Saturday evening, Mbabazi said increasing teachers, doctors and other civil servants salaries and allowances will motivate them and improve service delivery. 

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According to Mbabazi, despite serving long under the incumbent government, he couldn\'t do much under the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni, as a minister or even prime minister.


He says it is the president with the powers and that is why this time he seeks to be elected President, to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

Mbabazi also told supporters that much as he apologized for bad things that happened when he was still serving in government, he was not personally responsible.

Eunice Batwala, a head teacher at Kinaawa primary school told Uganda Radio Network that Mbabazi has shown that he cares about improving services.

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She welcomed Mbabazi\'s proposal to rehabilitate infrastructure in schools, hospitals and public places once elected President.


David Pulkol, who is part of the Mbabazi campaign team assured voters that Mbabazi will deliver the desired change.

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He said although several opposition politicians tried to contest against Museveni in the previous polls, they only made him more aggressive, and power thirsty. 

He believes Mbabazi can defeat Museveni this time around given his vast experience and knowledge of the regime and Museveni\'s operations.

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