Mbabazi To Remove Minimum Age For Political Office

Presidential candidate, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi says there is no need to limit the minimum age requirements for political offices.
Mbabazi rally in Luuka

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Presidential candidate, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi says there is no need to limit the minimum age for aspirants to political office. 

Mbabazi says the regulation is blocking many youth from vying for political positions, based on unrealistic age restrictions.

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Cue out: …bayimilile baba londe.”//

The Presidential Elections Act allows only people above 35 years of age to contest for presidency. The Local Government Act also bars youth below 30 years from contesting for LC 3, LC 4 and LC 5 chairpersons.

Mbabazi says this is not necessary, and young people who have the ability and interest to lead the country should be blocked on age conditions.

Mbabazi was campaigning in Luuka district.

The Go-Forward leader asked youths to back his presidential bid, saying he is the right person to cause a peaceful transition of power in 2016. 

He argues that for a meaningful change to be realized, the country needs a determined, tolerant, patient and a strong youth leadership, coupled with people of vast experience of systems of the incumbent government like him.   

Speaking at his rally at Kiyunga town council rally in Luuka district, Mbabazi told his supporters that unemployed youth, ex-combatants and women are part of what inform his presidential.

Elvis Bamutiire, a resident of Waibuga in Luuka district says allowing the youths to stand for top political offices by reducing the age for qualification will reduce the unemployment among the youths.

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Robert Dudu, a resident of Kiyunga trading centre says with youths participating active in elective politics at an early age, will create jobs and reduce crime rates in Uganda.


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Cue out “…ki afuna emilimu.”// 

The rally which lasted over an hour attracted thousands of people, before Mbabazi headed to Nawanyago in Kamuli district.

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