Mbale Council Session Flops over Accusation of Bribery

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Mbale Municipal council session ended prematually following reports of bribery.

The council session chaired by the Deputy Speaker Mike Nandala, was convened to discus the mismanagement of the Mbale main taxi park.

The session was meant to discus the alleged illegal award of the main taxi park to an agency.

But trouble started when the councilor for Gangama ward, Musambwa Masaba, rose up on a point of order and challenged the council on whether it was right or wrong to discus issues that should be handled at committee level.

Musamba argued that issues like the management of the taxi park should be left to the finance committee.

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Cue out i#resolution from committeesi //

The Speaker ruled in favor of Musambwa, drawing furious reaction and a walkout by some councilors who accused their colleagues of blocking the session after being bribed by the management of the agency that has been illegally awarded to manage the park.

Koko Francis, the councilor from Nkoma Ward, was armed with documents, he claimed contain the names of people responsible for the illegal award of the taxi park tender.

He too was incensed and threatened to petition the Inspectorate of Government.

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Cue out i#they have been compromisedi //

The Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority (PPDA) last month ordered Mbale Municipal council to cancel the tender for the taxi park and advertise it with in ten days.

The council was responsible for managing the park until the end of the tendering process.

But according to the councilors, the tender has been secretly awarded to a new agency that is now collecting revenue from the park.

Mbale municipal collects monthly 60 million shillings from the taxi park.