Mbale Speaker Arrested for Bribery

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The Speaker of Mbale Municipal Council, Abdullah Kutosi, has been jailed for corruption.
Kutosi was arrested on Wednesday at a restaurant as he received a bribe from a trader who has applied for a tender to manage Mbale Main Supermarket. The police anti-corruption squad reportedly laid the trap for Mr. Kutosi after they were tipped off by the trader, Charles Chezale, of the bribery demands.
According to the police, Utosi asked Chezale for a bribe of three million shillings to look favorably on his tender bill. Chezale admitted to paying the money and says he was surprised when the tender did not go to him, but to one of his competitors.
Shortly after the winner of the bid was announced, Kutosi allegedly asked for an additional bribe of 100,000 shillings to influence the Mbale Municipal Council to cancer the market tender and to award it to Chezale.
Abas Tinkamanyire, the Mbale District Police Commander, says it was with this information that a plan was laid and Kutosi was arrested in the process of receiving the file.
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Kutosi is the second high profile politician from Mbale Municipal Council to be arrested for corruption.
The Mayor of Mbale, Richard Kanindo Masaba, was last year arrested by the Inspectorate of Government for corruption. He is currently battling charges of abuse of office corruption and uttering false documents before Mbale high court.

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